Friday, June 09, 2006


- I am not gonna bore you with my activities for the upcoming week, I know you bitches came here for the pics. If you happen to see me on the street, please buy me a drink, and then put me in a cab home. Without further ramblings, I present, METRO WEEKLY WATCH

- We love you Miss Chi Chi Rodriguez!!!

- Father Time in drag.

- Uh Oh....Hide your wallet, hahha. I have a feeling we'll be seeing these two again.

- Scarf? ok, Rosary Beads? ummm, Both? Sacrilegious and Sassy. I bet I know who is going to be managing the Bloomingdales in Hell.

- Eddie Money has a clothing line now?

- Dyke-zilla

- "Hi Shirley, (one, two, spin) Hey Ramone!! (keep smiling) I know, me, a majorette? Leading the parade? Nutty, I know".

"This dance is for Jesus!!!!"


- "This aint THE PRICE IS RIGHT bitch, get yo ass off of my car"

- Oh no white boy didn't

- Things just got weird

- "She's my fat, scantily dressed friend". "No mine". "Mine". "Boys, boys, calm down, there is enough Tori to go around".


- Who knew Colonel Sanders eats the weenie?"

- Desperate House-Trannies

- Why haven't queers received the same rights and privileges as hets? THESE TWO MEN!!!

- Someone remembered their glasses...but forgot their helmet.

- REPEAT OFFENDER!!! (sandwiched in between the two scariest looking people ever)

- Mom, please get off the car, yes grab your trumpet too, people are starting to look. (This lady actually runs for the mayor of DC every election, I kid you not)

- Leather, the fabric of "some" of our lives

- Light socket, meet finger...Too bad the shock didn't kill these two messy Bessies.

- And I am spent. It's off to pick up my Englishman for some fun, then it is all going down hill after that. See ya on the streetcurb


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Scott said...

oh you gotta have faith Cornelius!

At 3:12 PM, Blogger Taylor said...

hold on a second? you know all these people? father time? little chi chi? militant obese lesbian? colonel sanders?

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Kia said...

I know the dude in the last pic. His name is Mike and he's a manager at a pretty popular DC eating establishment. He's extremely sassy.


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