Friday, May 05, 2006


- Well this week's installment is from YOUTH PRIDE, as you know Youth Pride is a celebration of everything we jaded queens wish we had, gleeful innocence, a size 24 waist, and a hairless crotch. Miss Christy and I headed over to the P Street Beach and armed with a nalgene full of vodka and icecubes and the gayest blanket ever, we sat out to soak up the sun and the gayness that surrounded us. While Miss Christy painted her toes and fingers, I proceeded to get tore up and give people the finger. I mean, I am all about being young and gay, hell I am 24, but some of these crazy bitches were nutz. I don't blame them for letting their freak flags fly thought, I was once a retard too. So these pictures are extra special because I saw these people in person. These aren't figments of my alcohol poisoned mind, they really exist. Soooo here we go....

- Some one call Mizz Tyra Banks 'cause Miss Christy and I called the girl (?) on the left "America's Next Top Model". All bitch did was stalk the grassy slopes and look fierce. Gurl was turning it O.U.T. But the real question is, does her grandmother know that she is wearing her toilet seat cover as a hat??

- This mo scuurrrred me. Not only was he wearing "Fairy Wings" but bitch was part of a group. Miss Christy and I really didn't get the whole "running around barefoot with a sari wrapped around my bits and blessing people with my wand / dirty stick I found on the street curb". We were literally sitting at this kid's feet when this photo was taken...He hurted my eyeballs.

- These are who I want my kids to aspire to be. BITCHES WERE FIERCE!!! P Street Beach was turned into the runways of Milan with this group who re-enacted "Paris is Burning". It was "walk, walk, walk, pause, show your purse, cut a bitch, turn, I own you, I own you, walk, walk, walk". The one in the gold jacket on the lower right hand side CUT/SLICED bitches like she was a hot knife and we were butter. The best part of her lil ensemble was the CHANEL MUTHA FUCKIN KILT she was rocking. Fire, pure fire.

p.s. Was anyone else there?? If you weren't, you missed the best "Deaf girl dancer" ever!!! bitch was rolling on the ground and still signing the shit out of Cher's remixes. Luhrved it.

p.p.s. Happy Birthday COOL SARAH, and happy tequila day!!!


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous the fabulous miss christy said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! we were sooo there!!!!!! and don't forget about the lesbian freak train, that was my favorite b/c it totally reminded me of 8th grade dances.

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Pook said...

Were you petting a dog on the corner of P and 14th yesterday around 6:30?
There was a hottie guy who looked like you. I didn't want to go up to dude randomly if it wasn't you. I was the Asian girl running up to my Studio Theatre class in 80's gear.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger Cornelius said...

Sorry pook, wasn't me, I spent yesterday on the Hill. If you ever see me in public totally go all crazy fan on me, camera phones and all. I'll eat that shit up

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Taylor said...

yeah i saw these pics in MW hot of the presses yesterday monring (well online). that gurl in the top pic is black barbie if she was an extra in "chicago." she's awesome. her friend is like a queen latifah/missy elliott hybrid.


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