Friday, April 21, 2006

The real reason I skip class...

(Recent phone conversation with Alex, a girl in my Stat class study group)

"Ring Ring Ring"
Me: Herrrooo?
Alex: Where have you been??
Me: Hu?
Alex: You missed the study group, for the exam last Friday.
Me: Oh shit, Um, I was in New York
Alex: Why, what were you up to, besides skipping class.
Me: Business
Alex: Oh (laughter) just what type of "Business" were you up to?
Me: Ummm, It's complicated.
Alex: What, Why is it complicated, are you a drug dealer or something (laughter)
Me: I am an gay adult film star, I fly to New York every other weekend to work.
Alex: (audible silence) Umm, ok. Are you fucking with me?
Me: No not really, but I feel bad not coming to the study group so I thought you should know that I wasn't blowing you off.
Alex: oh ok
Me: Yeah, I mean I am not ashamed, but it's something that alot of people, especially people in school know about.
Alex:'s, it's fine.
Me: Yeah, I mean i kind of got into it to put me through school.
Alex: uhhh ok
Me: So what did I miss from the study group? Did we go over Hypergeometric factorials?

- I am such a bad person


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