Thursday, March 23, 2006

Quick recap...

- Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but you bitches can suck my man-heat, I have been busier than a Planned Parenthood clinic the day after prom. So here's what the dealio is.

- I went home for my Grandfather's 80's b-day. It was a surprise party and he was wheeling my incredibly invalid great aunt into the clubroom and when we yelled surprise, my senile old aunt thought it was her b-day and started crying and thanking all of us. Tiddle bit awkward. My sassy gay uncle broke the news to her and she demanded to be wheeled out to the car, where she sat for the majority of the party...Alone...In freezing weather. God-bless crotchety old ladies that smell like menthol drops and gin.

- Saw The Go! Team at the Black Cat. This group/band/wetdream rocks my nuts hard. I first started listening to them when one of my interns from Leeds Uni in Britain gave me their cd. The are soooo the new Fannypack. Infectious beats, soaring samples, and a sassy frontlady named NINJA made me and all of the jaded 14th street dwelling pseudo-hipsters DANCE LIKE RETARDS. I swear I made up this new dance, it's called "Touch of the Downs". All you do is pretend you have a touch of the Downs syndrome. Presto, you rock. BEST CONCERT IN A LONG TIME. It is really a great feeling leaving a venue and feeling so fucking pumped. Ninja is the real deal, shaking her ass, pretending to be a slutty lolita cheer-leader, Here is what a dutch newspaper had to say about her..."As Fuzzy Felt letters slowly spell out their name, Ninja - probably the greatest frontwoman in the business - storms the stage and launches into "Panther Dash" with an infectious energy which never lets up until curfew. There's nothing she can't do: she sings, she breakdances, she plays recorder, she raps, and gets the audience chanting along like it's carnival time." Yes bitches, you read it right, GURL PLAYS THE RECORDER!!!! Download them now.

- Went out Sunday night with the guys to JR's. fucking packed tighter that a well you know. Got a lil tipsy, went to The Fastest Bartender in DC contest to cheer on a friend of a friend. Came home and passed out.


At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Captain Peecock said...

Welcome back, CornStarch! I thought perhaps you'd been so bizzy jizzing the nights away this past week that you had to be carted off and treated for dehydration at GW. So, what sort BIG things do you have planned for your BIG day? How about a Roman orgy....sans togas! A drunken, inhibition-free evening where naughtiness and wickedness and hours of coitus-un-interruptus abound!! Where rivers of clear and creamy bodily fluids flow faster and more often than cheap vodka swirling down Liza's drainpipe of a gullet!! Will there be pix?!

I'm a ram, too. Do you also like to have your horn blowed??

At 6:09 PM, Blogger VP of Dior said...

"a touch of the downs"??!?!!!?!



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