Sunday, March 12, 2006

My red badge of courage

- Some of you that have had the great pleasure of seeing my in person might wonder, how did I cet that crazy dope scar on my forehead? Well this weekend, Miss Christy got some pictures developed from that fateful night and here they are. The story goes...Me, Mrs. Christy, and our friends Jim and Juan Carlos decided to partake in "Guerilla Queer Bar" about 4 months ago. It all started fine and dandy, we all had a few drinks, then we headed to Stetson's which sucked man-heat, had about 30 more drinks, and then decided to walk to JR's. Well I was feeling rather frisky and decided to try to wrestled my friend Jim, who btw is a professional clown. Well he didn't have as many drinks as I and ended up tossing me into the street, what fun that was. Well I got up, dusted my Diesels off and proceeded into JR's with my friend. What I didn't realize is that my head was gushing blood. People were all staring at me and not in that "Golly I want to hump you" kinda way that I am used to. Needless to say, the female barback jumped from behind the bar and yanked me in the back and put a bandage on my head that was the size of a small maxi-pad. For the rest of the evening, I enjoyed drinks gratis from sympathetic homos, and now have a permanent reminder of an evening out with friends.

Here are the pics...

Everything started ok..

My brain had an abortion...

Jim is all about hurting me...(notice huge maxi-pad on face)

- Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather...Peace


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous christy said...

hey i got your email and your message, thanks for the pix!! i will see you soon, let me know when you're free.


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