Thursday, March 30, 2006

8th and Addiction...

- Oh my God! It's worse than crack...If you haven't watched "8th and Ocean" then let me introduce you to my new BFF's!!!

NAME: Irene Marie
MY NICKNAME: Franken-Tranny/Guy Smiley
SHORT BIO: Traveled the world sucking in her cheeks
on some of the most fasionable runways. Turned 16,
realized she was yesterday's coat hanger. Gets off telling
pretty people they have bad skin and are too skinny.
FUCKABILITY: Not even with your dick.

NAME: Tracie
SHORT BIO: Originally born a sloth, Missionaries in the
Amazon noticed how well she worked the tree branches.
They decided to slap some gloss on her lips, teach her basic
english and send her to Irene to model.
FUCKABILITY: Sloth thanks

NAME: Vinci
MY NICKNAME: "Weren't you in my Fraternity" Guy
SHORT BIO: Born and raised in Ocean Township, NJ,
John had trouble getting the ladies. So he moves to Miami,
changes his name, takes on a F.O.B. accent and becomes a "Six figure model".
FUCKABILITY: Yes, only if I can call him "Papi John"

NAME: Teddy
MY NICKNAME: "Eyeball Twin"
SHORT BIO: Born Theodora to a trailer dwelling family in Des Moines.
Theodora knew she was pretty but never got that much work.
That was until she cut her hair, started injecting testosterone and
changed her name to Teddy. Now regarded as one of the "Prettiest"
male models in South Beach.

NAME: Sabrina
MY NICKNAME: "The Cunty One"
SHORT BIO: While in the womb, Sabrina smeared placenta all
over her twin's face, therefore causing the skin problems her
twin still suffers with today. Secretly enjoys doping her sister
up and selling her to Cubans for drugs.
FUCKABILITY: Hell this bitch would prolly fuck me

NAME: Sean
MY NICKNAME: "Smooth Operator"
SHORT BIO: Beatiful as a child, his parents forced him into
the cruel world of modeling as a way to justify them selling
their soul to satan for their son's perfect skin. Currently has
sex with everything in Miami, including some very feminine
looking art-deco buildings.

NAME: Talesha
MY NICKNAME: "Eat a Sammich" girl
SHORT BIO: Sassy, Lovely, can see her heart beating through
her ribcage. What is not to love?
FUCKABILITY: I think I would break her, plus vagina...eww.

NAME: Britt
MY NICKNAME: Brooke Shields: Da Remixx
SHORT BIO: Spawn of the "Suddenly Susan" diva and a Bible.
Lil' Britt is the picture of chastity, too bad her daddy used to
touch her in her danger zone, hence her aversion to the male sex.
FUCKABILITY: Gimme 3 Corona's and a blindfold.

NAME: Adrian
SHORT BIO: With shitty skin and a hairless body,
Sally was destined to be a male model. Secretly
gets off by looking into a mirror while masturbating.
FUCKABILITY: Eww Vagina...and nasty skin

NAME: Kelly
MY NICKNAME: "Noxema Jackson"
SHORT BIO: Because of her pre-birth abuse at the hands
of her sister, she has always played second fiddle. Is resigned
to becoming a trophy wife and picking up an addiction.
FUCKABILITY: Maybe if she got a facial the day before...SNAP!

NAME: Brianna
SHORT BIO: Born on the windswept steppes of Mongolia,
she was spotted by Irene while shaving a Yak. Slightly "Downinsh"
due to her massive forehead, but makes up for it in wet kisses.
FUCKABILITY: What the hell...sure, but she has to wear a helmet.


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thasĀ“t all true !!!

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

todo es verdad pero son tan hot!!!!


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