Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend recap...

- Friday night. Hung out with my Miss Christy at her new AMAZING place in AdMo then headed to Guerilla Queer Bar at Mantis to meet up with Chip and Dale, two blogger buddies, They are sooo much hotter in person, with great personalities to match, why these boys aren't being kept by some 87 year old record exec is totally lost on me. Ran into some toolbag that got pissed when I didn't know which member of the house that he worked for. I totally was about to cut/slice him like a mo-fo until Miss Christy reeled me in. All in all it was a great night ended at Amsterdam Falafel and sharing a bed with a 35 pound dog that farts in his sleep.

- So the roommate fucked up the cable, so I am stuck with one channel...I have no idea which one it is but it's the one with the Lesbian drama "The L Word". Now I loves me some carpet installers but this whole episode is all, "I have titty cancer" and "I am the butch girl, I hate when you finger me". Who are they trying to kid, lesbians don't have sex lives, all they do is drive Suburu's and restore cottages in fringe neighborhoods. Kudos though, this episode did have Miss Alan Cummins getting fucked by a lesbian taking hormone replacement therapy with a strap-on, the B-52s, and EVE ENSLER (who I love like vodka).

- Was home for my dad's big 50 this weekend. He's great, I hope I look like him when I am that elderly. Anyway, I started a bidding war on my gay ass between my two grandmothers. My one favorite one, she sends me cards and gifts and we do lunch, she is a total doll, but my other one just likes to forget birthdays, holidays, but then all at once, she likes to dump some cash into my account. So today I go up to granny #1 and was all like "I totally loved the v-day card you sent me, you are da bomb" and granny #2 saw this and came up to me, apologized that she forgot and put a $50 in my hand. Granny #1 was all like "Oh no your AARP ass did not just do this" and handed me a $50 also. IT was great, I felt so geisha. I walked away with $180 by the time this craziness stopped.

- Made plans with the father to go see "Chris Rock's Block Party" movie...He is so awesome (dad and Rock)


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Guerilla queer bar was tots fun! although that shot of soco and lime probably tipped my scales a bit much. Great to hang out with you too obvy!

At 7:41 PM, Blogger aklsdjhfa said...

I believe you mean Dave Chappelle's Block Party?

The channel with The L Word is Showtime.

Good hangin' out on Friday!

At 10:06 PM, Blogger Cornelius said...

My bad, Dave Chappelle, yes how could I forget!!!


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