Monday, February 13, 2006

Tyra does it again...

- Now I luurves me some Miss Tyra. I have started watching her show as opposed to Katie Couric's mutual masturbation-fest with the winter Olympics on NBC. So today's topic on THE TYRA SHOW was "I live a real life Broke-Back Mountain". This was an orgasm of "Oh no gurls" and "Ride em cowboys". I found it funny that Tyra really doesn't understand the whole concept of sexual fluidity. She kinda got stumped when one former "Gay cowboy" now said that he is in love with a woman. I mean Tyra only goes dyke if it is for the cover of Sports Illustrated. I do have to give it up to Big Momma Forehead, she is incorporating the LGBT viewers into her shows, I guess she realizes that the only people that watch her TOP Model Show is us and 13 year old girls that enjoy barfing after sucking down a steady diet of Camel Lights and ice cubes. And Tyra gurl knows she can only do soo many shows on eating disorders while showing the studio audience how real her "Lady lumps" are. The zenith of Tyra's show was reached when she told the woman who loved a formerly gay man who now is "straight" that she "finally turned one out". Ummm Tyra, just a little side note, The formerly gay man said that he is still all bff with his old boyfriend, in gay translation...He's still riding the Hershey Highway towards the one gay bar in Omaha, Nebraska. She truly is the next Oprah, If Oprah fucked basketball players, had 5% of the talent she has now and knew how to walk the runway in 400 inch heels. TYRA FOR PRESIDENT!!!


At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, shurr....President of DENSA!!!

And Katie Couric really just needs to die. Just toss her right into the ol' wood chipper a la Fargo. Why is it that people who are "perky" and "bubbly" and "spunky" just make me want to run right to the nearest hardware store and load up on electrical tape and lye.

At 5:20 PM, Anonymous christy said...

hahaha i was reading this article in The Onion today and it reminded me of your bf:

(you will have to copy and paste, its not a hyperlink silly)


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