Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You like my sense of style...And brand new nose

- So my friend (who shall remain nameless) called me tonight. She lives in L.A. is currently dating one of the top plastic surgeons in the country and he just offered her a free operation. Bowing to the crack-ass standard of beauty that our society had in it's carb starved mind, she is seriously considering this major operation. She called me because she knows that I myself have dated a plastic surgeon and wants my opinion on this offer. I told her that I was never offered a free operation by my ex and that she should dump her current beau. Why??? Who should date anyone that suggest an operation? Are we not good enough on first sight to satiate our significant other plastic surgeon or not? This friend is an absolutely gorgeous woman. It's not the suggestion of her mate that concerns me...It's the lasting effects, everyday, even even if she doesn't stay with this toolbag, what will she remember when someone compliments her on her chest, or nose, or smile? Aren't we, flawed tits and all beautiful people? Why would someone want to date us in the first place? Is it possible to have medical malpractice of the heart??? She took the rhinoplasty


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