Sunday, January 08, 2006

You are what you google....

- Some of my more recent google searches, I swear I am not this fucked up...just curious.

apartments in new york city
life of a rentboy
life of a kept boy
Chelsea boys
gay mafia
Beige at B-Bar
Jay Hernandez
West Wing
"Are You Being Served?"
BBC America
"Keeping Up Appearances"
Hillary Clinton
The gay guy from Real World Chicago
Gay Hamptons
Gay Fire Island
Fire Island summer shares
Easy Korean recipes
Korean grocery stores in DC
Kim chee
Nutritional value of Kim Chee
Avian Flu
The link between SARS and vitamin C
Columbia Law

- So apparently I will be a NY trained law student that has sex with men in the gay mafia for tuition on Fire Island while eating Korean food and watching britcoms...yup seems right to me.


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