Saturday, January 07, 2006

Umm, cause that's how I roll

-Cornelius, what did you do last night?
Drank, got a falafel, tried to explain the movie PARTY GIRL to a gangbanger, made a new friend (see gangbanger)

-Cornelius, what are you doing right now?
Watching Dr. 90210 (on mute), drinking warm chablis, dancing around my apartment to Ace of Base

-Cornelius, what do you plan on doing tonight?
Adopting/kidnapping a kid, drinking, acting a hot mess, becoming famous

- BTW, my new favorite band is FANNYPACK. Where else can you hear a trio of Brooklyn girls spit dope lyrics like "I bring grams to the crackers like s'mores" and "eat a Big Mac and go to hell"? (OK so the last one is not a rhyme, but I got my mother to say it to my father over christmas). I highly suggest you let your cab driver listen to them on your ipod while he is driving you home from work.


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