Tuesday, January 10, 2006

There's no "R" in Alabama....

- So I went to my local bar, McFadden's (total shithole, lot of trash from Gaithersburg there, but one of the bartenders is a mo so I get free beer) and this girl randomly starts hitting on me. I casually brush her off saying I am just here for a drink and to catch up with my friend the bartender. Well, lordy lordy, hoe brings all the hood rats in her posse over to us and starts asking me why I am being rude to her. I tell her that I did not mean to be rude to her but (drunkenly slurred) I was trying to hook up with the bartender. Her eyes light up. She wants some gay dick. She goes on for about an hour on how pussy is better than dick, and how titties = MC (squared). I don't fucking give a shit and I think she can tell. The bitch then asks me where I am from. I tell her the south, southern Maryland. Oh she was not happy. Apparently the Mason-Dixon Line means nothing to her and she tells me that she is from "Alerbamer" with a twang that only can be the result of multiple tequilla shots and generations of inbreeding and hair bleach. I tell her that there is no "R" in Alabama. She tells me to go fuck myself. I tell her to spell "Alabama". A-L-A-B-E-M-A. I thanked the bartender for my beer, and quickly stumbled home.


At 12:02 PM, Blogger Taylor said...

Those people are another breed. My sister went to school there and we South Carolinians are far superior to those cracker jacks.


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