Wednesday, January 25, 2006

OHHH Bitch done got herself a gun!!!

- Happy humpday bitches, I hope you are spending it like me, watching "Project Runway"...ohhhh gurl Zulema's gonna get it. But anyway, today was a day of firsts for me...

- First day of classes for what is hopefully my last semster at the drippy axe-wound known as University of Maryland. So I am actually taking ONE fun class this semster...THE LEGALITY OF FORENSIC EVIDENCE!!!! Yes bitches, I will be playing CSI for academic credit. The best part however was when my professor (who was an expert witness for the OJ trial) informed the class that WE WILL BE SHOOTING GUNS AS AN ASSIGNMENT!!!! ( We have to learn something about which guns are illegal or some junk.) The whole class deeply inhaled and of course, me being little Tammy Tourettes yelled out "That's Hot". The professor laughed and told the class that they should all share my enthusiasm. I am hoping to get a grenade launcher or perhaps a nice semi-automatic glock (with mother of pearl grip of course). On the day that we go to the shooting range I am soooo wearing a denim catsuit and an afro in honor of Miss Pam "I shoot the dicks off of white pimps" Grier. A++++++++

- Another first - I saw....a man...on the metro...vomit...into his CVS bag...and proceed to put this little parcel...under his seat. Momma thinks he was a tiddle bit drunk. All you green line commuters are in for a treat in the morning, cause you know metro don't clean their shit.

- My last first of the day...This is the first semester where I am (A) taking a class with someone I haven't hooked up with and (B) taking a class with no hot mens. I think this will be a very productive but hump-less semester.


At 1:44 AM, Anonymous Captain Peecock said...

Cornwall, if we hook up I promise to make you stickier than 2 slugs snogging in a vat of freshly spun cotton candy!....

Chip Chip Cheerio!!


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