Monday, January 23, 2006

Next stop...LOEHMANNS!!!!!!!

So I just found these pics from NYE in NYC. Funny thing is...I am sober in these pics! It just goes to reiterate the point that when you hang out with Sarah, you don't need any booze to have fun. This was truly one of the most amazing weekends of my life, one of those weekends that make you realize how great life is. From dancing in the car to Chaka Khan, to beating down 16 year old Long Island girls at the mall, that weekend was one of my top 5. My friend Sarah and her family are absolutely amazing (and gorgeous!!). If you have never been to Queens, I highly recommend a lil day trip there, make sure you stop by Lake Success!!!! (inside joke)

Smelling females on the Long Island Railroad...

Yeah, I am in a gang, a gang of lovers...

The lady that made the entire weekend possible, my AA (Awesomeness Anonymous) sponsor Princess Sarah...

- NEXT POSTING: I might be dating someone, someone currently being investigated by The Washington Post for "bribing" politicians...HUZZAH LOVE LIFE!


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