Thursday, January 19, 2006


- So just sitting here, watching the news and the leading story is about a stabbing at CLUB CHAOS!!! AWWW SHIT!!! I knew this was gonna happen one day. That place is packed to the gills with fierceness. Apparently two "men" got in an argument on the dance floor and one man stabbed the other in the stomach. Isn't that nuts? I am waiting for the 5 o'clock news where they will go into more detail and perhaps (please baby Jesus) an eyewitness interview with some FIERCE trannies! I could see it going something like this...

REPORTER: So where were you when this stabbing took place?
KIKI TRANNYTRAP: I had just finished my Whitney routine and was doing bumps with Juan in the bathroom when I heard this commotion.
REPORTER: And what did you do?
KIKI: Well, first I took the spoon out of my nose and Juan's penga out of my mouth. Then, with heels in hand, ran to the dancefloor and regulated.
REPORTER: What do you mean by "regulate"?
KIKI: Well I vogued, snapped, and had a walk-off with the crime scene investigator.
REPORTER: Do you think this was a hate crime?
KIKI: No, cause if it was a hate crime, he would have stabbed Taffeta Jackson, cause that bitch looks like Seabuscuit, and she got fake titties. Lots of ho's hate that bitch, that's who should have been stabbed. Plus she stole my hormone shots.

Link to real story here:


At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually i read thru your archives section---farm by the Patuxent river, across from a slave graveyard. hmm, how unique. but then again, so seem the adventures of "Cortation." From falafel farts, to jewish monkey skulls, to roommates passed out in their own vomit, ect, ect, ect. And the list goes on. What was up with that hateful anonymous poster from last year?

What bar do you work at? I think I want to stalk you. Those Children of the Damned EYES!!!!

At 8:36 AM, Blogger aklsdjhfa said...

1) I live around there, and after coming home very late from the office, noticed a bunch of cop cars. Didn't know what the commotion was, however.

2) F*cking hysterical!


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