Friday, January 20, 2006

J'adore "The Dreamers"

- Ok so a lot of people don't know this, but behind these bedroom blues, lies a brain. A brain that is fucking nuts for French cinema. It all started with this movie called "Wild Reeds", which to this day remains my favorite film of all time. Even if you don't parle francais, it is the type of film that you can happily get lost in. Well tonight, while in a lovely buzzed moment, I come upon "The Dreamers" a film by Bertolucci (who also directed one of my other faves, "Stealing Beauty"). It is a story of French twins, one boy, one girl and the American that they take into their salon and eventually into their bed. This film is gorgeous. Even though it takes place in 1969 France, it can be translated into all of our lives. Queer, straight, black, white, rich, poor. It is an amazing film that takes me back to a sepia colored past where all I did was smoke, drink, fuck and discuss politics. YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM.


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