Monday, January 09, 2006

It's manna from heaven, Map manna...

OHHHHH 148 Bleecker, how I miss thee (I lived there 3 years ago)

- OK, so I'll be the first to admit it, I can be a big tard when it comes to using directions, especially when I am not a local. Case in point, when I was in NYC over new years, trying to find my friend's place in the West 80's, it was like looking for a (pre-war classic 6 with marble kitchen) needle in a haystack. My friend told me I would have no prob getting to his place, he also ignored my plea to provide me with a physical description of his building, I don't care if you take me by my hand and lead me to a certain address that I am supposed to be at, I will go all Helen Keller on your ass and try to get into the building next door. When arranging for me to come over to your place, please tell me if there is an awning, or if it is brick, or if you have a crackhead that's always outside, the visuals make me arriving to your place hella easier....Well chil'rens, because Jesus is my total BFF he intelligently designed / immaculately concieved PROPERTY SHARK!!!!! It kicks Google Earth's sloppy ass. All you have to do if you want to find the place you are going to is typey typey your little destination into this search engine and bitches, it gives a map and a mutha fuckin picture of the building. It makes giving directions to the hairless Filipino tranny you met at Avalon a much less traumatic cab ride/ stumble to your sinful, dirty love nest...(sorry all y'all DC sluts, it's only for NYC locations so far)


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