Friday, January 06, 2006

All of them???

- Recently on the phone to a dear friend who lives in NYC. I was lamenting on my newly single status and the dirth of dateable men in the district. I mean (not to brag, but then again i am gay) but i am a hot, intelligent, funny guy and it seems that the men that are attracted to me don't do that much for me, below the belt that is. I live in the 37th most dynamic city in the world, right behind Sacramento, and yet another Friday night, another night of drinking a $7 jug of wine and watching cops. I just can't wait to get out this place, Dc is uber dynamic, I realize that, but bitches, it sucks being single, especially during winter when all I want to do is watch Little Britain and snuggle under a blanket with my gay / closeted guy from Arlington lover. Anyway, not a very fun post but in closing, my friend tacked my complaints on the lack of hot and available guys on the fact that I have either fucked or dated all of them in DC, including the poor ones. I guess I need to start widening my friendster search to include Rockville...


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