Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nobody puts baby in a corner

- So I am back...apparently no one can take my freedom (hello 1st ammendment) or something. Actually I talked to my future boss and he said he loved my blog, but he just didn't want me blogging about important cases we would be working on. He had seen how I blogged about the people at the bar I currently work at and didn't want the same to happen when it concerned the firm. I was like, "Ummmm, I think there is a diffence between writing about drunken leather trannies and writing about an anti-trust case". So I am back bitches, sorry to scare you, but as Fag-trick Swayze alluded to in 1989, no one can put me in the corner, unless it's a craft corner, cause you know this fag loves me some crafts.

- Umm, working for a congressman is awesome, wanna know why? I am getting out of a major test today because I am having lunch with people who could have my professor, her life partner, and their 400 kitties (all named puss puss) deported, AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!


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