Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Meet my son...

- Miss Christy and I met DA JOHN WATERS at Politics and Prose last week. He was crazy nice. I have Pics but still figuring how to upload them on my BRAND NEW APPLE POWERBOOK!!!

- Saw my adorable niece this weekend before Halloween, TOTES ADORABLE!!!!! She dressed up as Minnie Mouse. See now, I have my Niece wrapped around my gay little finger...I have a Bonnie Bell make-up kit hidden in my room, It's not mine I swear, and whenever my brother lets me look after her, she immediately jumps into my lap and does a model face. Girl done watches GIA and ZOOLANDER one too many times with Unky CoCo. I silently get up and get the Kit - o - Glamour. I take her into my mom's bathroom and sit her in front of the mirror and open the bag full of whorish delights. Last time I timed her, it took her 3 minutes to apply a lip sheen, some eye shadow to her cheek and attempt to eat the flavored lip gloss. Gurl looked good. I snapped some picks with my digi which I will upload when i figure out this genius-box.

- Halloween...Not the major ordeal that it has been the past. Dressed up as a victim from Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS. Blah blah blah drank copius amounts of berr blah blah blah got fake blood all over my Thomas Pink shirt. PISSED OFF BITCHES

- Not to sound gay (but i do have sex with men) but whenever I see a toddler on the street, i totally pull out the earbuds, and literally get down on all fours and make a toatal ass of myself. Case in point, Cosi on Capital Hill, went to go get my turkey sandwich and what do I see...the cutest asian girl all dressed up for Halloween. I dropped my sandwich, went down on all fours and procceeded to let her put Doraa the Explorer all over my suit. People thought I was a retard, I thought I was in love.

- I am trying to get Frank the Spank to co-blog with me on Saturday, talk him up, annoy him until he gives in. Frank is a strong African woman, who was born in a cabin in the Mississippi Delta. his insights in life are crap, i mean crazy.


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