Thursday, November 17, 2005

Love me musically

- I was recently downloading some music and setting up playlists. I then realized that I have yet to set up my "Music for Fucking Tricks" and "Music for Making Sweet Body Love to my Lover" playlists. Yes, I did have those playlists, but sadly when my computer crashed and I sent it on an all expense paid trip down 7 stories via garbage chute, it took my expertly crafted playlists with it. So as a service to all my loyal readers, all fucking 12 of you, I wanted to make some suggestions for the playlist for the latter. Since I have a hubby, and have not had sexual contact with anyone in over 4 months, I have no need for the first list. These songs are provided so you can share the love, I personally like to light a scented candle, play a few songs, abuse my genitalia and cry alone, but you can do whatever you want with these, it's just a suggestion. Download these songs and next time you want to show your true feelings for someone, say it with a song, a song that will surely get you in the back door. Afterall, we all know backdoor love is forever...

- Anything by Jaime Cullum
- Anything by Damien Rice
- Anything by Mazzy Star especially "Fade Into Me"
- Anything by Massive Attack
- The soundtrack from "Closer"
- "The Nothing Song" by Sigur Ros
- Anything by Aqualung
- Anything by Billie Holliday (her later stuff influenced by drugs is actually quite amazing fucking music)
- "Transatlanticism" by Deathcab for Cutie
- "Bleed Like Me" by Garbage (pretty much anything by Garbage is great)
- "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard Confessional (also "Breathe" is pretty good, kinda angry but hey who doesn't have angry sex?)
- "Heartbeat" by Annie
and of course "Big Booty Hoes" by 2 Live Crew


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