Sunday, November 20, 2005


- Just got off of IM with my good friend Carter. He's currently living in Paris and gurl is luvin it. I mean fresh baguettes, mindblowing architecture, uncut wieners...hahaha just kidding on that last thing. He is doing great and basically has a daily schedule that consists of waking up at 7, going to 3 hours of French class which he speaks fluently, grabbing some lunch at a patisserie, napping or shopping, getting some din din, and then getting wasted and going out. Why Jesus did I never study abroad? Apparently fucking rich foreigners isn't enough to satisfy University of Maryland's language credit. Oh Well, anyway, talking to him reminds me of how much people change and how situations change. Just last semester I met this shy young boy who thought that my touretts problem that seemed to surface in our LGBT lit class was wholly inappropriate. By the end of the semester I had him sucking down bottles of wine and dancing half naked in the Dupont fountain with me. Now he has matured into an independent man that lives (and loves some uncut wieners) in gay Paris. When I go to London for my b-day in April, I am totes stopping by the Rue de Chagall and catching up on some old times. ALL THE BEST MR. GLASSCOCK!!!!

- On a foreign affairs related note, the hubby is turning 24 on Tuesday. I am here in Crappington DC while he is in Xanadu (London). Combine that with the upcoming mass suicide known as the holidays it makes for one very lonely feeling. Not to get to dark and sappy but I really need to get out of this city, preferably this country. I am jaded, I work in politics, it doesn't fill me with a sense of awe, it fills me with the sense of Awww shit this country is going down the tubes and hates homos, women and minorities (the holy trinity by the way). As much as I love DC and all it's sanitized glory, I really need to leave it like a trick leaves in the morning...quietly, with a bad taste in his mouth.


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