Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Dirty Shame...

- As promised here are some pics of Miss Christy with Le John Waters. We met him at Politics and Prose on Conn. Ave when he came to drum up some interest in Tab Hunter's new auto-fag-ography (YAWN to the 2nd degree). It was so funny that after Tab talked about his book and the star handlers said that him and Le John Waters were going to be signing autographs, everyone got into Le John Water's line and there was a sprinkling of gayness in Tab's line. I guess it goes to show that the public loves a man who makes movies about trannies eating dogshit and giving bj's to their sons...

Miss Christy rises to climax

And here we see the clitoris becoming engorged

ORGASM ACHIEVED...time to wash the dirty dirty sin off.


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