Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blood is thicker than...

- My younger brother, Jodiah, called tonight, he left a message, a message wondering if I am gay...

- I am gay, Jo, I am still your brother, the brother that beat you up, the brother that broke your arm twice, the brother that cried with you at mom's 50th birthday lunch, the brother that helped you through physical therapy after your accident that left you in a coma for 7 months, the brother that covered for you when you were drunk, the brother that made you proud, the brother that made you ashamed, the brother that made you climb that crazy high tree, the one that made dad put mom on her shoulders to get you down from that tree, the one that had pet turkeys, the one that loves our niece like our own daughter, the one that always believed, the one that always knew that you are amazing, I miss you Jodiah, I miss 4530 on Ferry Landing.



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