Thursday, October 13, 2005 are NOT little Propecia's father.

- Sittin here, getting ready to go to the hill to bother politcal people or something. So far I have been a bad boy, skipped class today because I saw a preview for today's Maury Povitch Show. And you know my ass loves me some DNA testing, So far this lady has had 13 men tested to see if "de be my baby's daddy". Sorry Shavonte, i guess you are gonna have look through that rolodex of a pussy and bring in a 14th, 15th, every man in the tri-state area. I hope your child sits on your face while you are sleeping and smothers you to death with a shit filled diaper. Best part was the man who told Slutoya Jackson that he "Didn't want to wife her" ahhh the modern American lexicon, how i love theeeeeeee...

- Cha Cha and I went to an open house at HRC tuesday night for capital hill staffers. Cornelius + Militant Black Lesbian + Open Bar + Fags in suits = homohilarity. We ended up double fisting glasses of shiraz and peeing in the sink in the "Intersexed" bathroom because all the other stalls were full. GOOOOO GAY RIGHTS!!!!

- What drugs were Frankee and I on...
(actually i am sure this sad old fart is referencing another fag cream tag team that happens to share our names)


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