Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sick and tired...and an erotic poem about my little asian lover

- Honestly, what the fuck is up with this country. I haven't posted in a while because I have been really busy, but I think that with my job and what I learn first hand from prople who are directly involved with the Katrina effort, I just need to vent...

- Mr. Brown, you need to be shot. No better yet, lets seal you up in that retirement home in New Orleans with the 30 corpses of the elderly and infirm that recieved a direct order from your FEMA cunts to stay where they are, that they would be rescued. Instead as they waited patiently, you had their rescuers banned from the area because you said it was a last cause, those people died. They were found clustered around the access stairwell to the roof. People's grandparents, parents, best friends...they all died. I bet you wouldn't wait five hours before springing into action to save your ass.

- Mr. Brown, your last job immediately preceeding being appointed director of FEMA was judging horses...ummm, what the fuck???? To top it off, your ass was fired??? How do you get fired from JUDGING MOTHER FUCKING HORSES????

- My grandmother called me AT MY DESK...IN MY OFFICE...she was on the verge of tears because of what she on MSNBC about the little memos you sent out telling your FEMA workers to make sure they talk you up so the media won't kill your ass. She just remembered a time in our nations past where the government was more concerned with its citizens welfare than covering its own ass. Fuck you sir for making my Me-Maw nearly cry, FUCK YOU!


- Poem time -

My Asian T.A.
By Cornelius - Poet laureate of Foggy Bottom

My Asian T.A.
Please tell my you're gay

Your messenger bag
it screams OY VEY!

You're bicepts are taut
your ass like a rock
I could care less about the size of your cock.

Your smooth balls
in duck sauce

Your ass
on a plate

The way you explain the differential economic curves in relation to the inception to the euro
Reason to masturbate.


- On a non-related note...Capital Hill is full of the, smart, Brooks Brothers clad homos, happy hour at Hawk and Dove is like JR's with smart people.


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