Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well at least it wasn't juvenile diabetes....

- I am getting over having chickenpox...It sucks balls. Combine that with the stifling humidity in my apartment, and it makes for a rip roaring ass, back, leg, arm scratching time. I know a 23 year old with a toddlers hot is that.

- I got a job for after college...Good thing, I will be making bank and be able to move to Capital Hill, which is my fave neighborhood in the city. Apparently I will be working in the capital building for my congress man, but not lowly internship coffee grabbing, ass kissing position but an actually job that pays me to dress up in fine suits and bitch at people that don't want to listen to me or my representative. They even have a program that will pay for some of my law schoolin'. WOOHOO, off to Ralph Lauren to buy me some suits.

- I am officially on the market again, time to play "Who wants to date a Corneliusanaire". No hard feelings, it just wasnt gonna work out. I celebrated this milestone in my life by drinking a fifth of stoli and heading over to my bar for kareoke. I chose the very sassy "Love is a Battlefield" by a one Miss Pat Benitar. I completed this performance by replicating the shoulder shimmy that made the music video oh so tasty. I think I frightened people more than entertained them. I then had a convo on my way home about the craziness that is Tom Cruise with a hooker on 14th street. Sweet girl, fierce shoes.

- Saw Wedding Crashers with my little bro this weekend, fucking hilarious. The street that I live on is actually in the film, so that makes it all the better. The only thing that unnerved me was my brother who I still see as a vulnerable 7 year old, even though he is 21 telling me about fucking a girl in a bathroom, apparently I now wear the crown of slut brother so in the future all my brothers sex questions will be directed at me instead of my retired male whore of an older brother. To top this little "girls have a button, boys have a pole" outing, retarded me spilled my bottle of merlot that I openly carried into the theatre all over my new royal elastic shoes that match my powder blue eyes. It now looks like some pregger woman's water broke on my zapatos. BOOO WHORE

- Went home this past weekend. I really missed the farm. The open spaces, my car, the water, the free food and laundry. I went for a long walk all around the farm and decided that I want to build my summer house there when I am older, right on the water. Sometimes its pretty hard to come back to the city...le sigh.


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