Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Like Elle Woods with a ding dong...a very nice ding dong.

- Well I am home at my parent's farm. Maxin', Relaxin', watching "You've Got Served". The country air has made me long for a house of my own even more. But to get that house one needs money and that brings me to my next item...

- I's done gots me a J-O-B!!!! Now don't be scared but I will be working pretty high up in our government for a member of congress. I have no idea how I got this job but methinks the headshot I attatched to my resume might have something to do with it. On Monday morning I will be walking up the steps of the Capital building Pucci tie on, snap cup in hand, ready to change the world and show these barneys what a real man looks like.... http://www.hillnews.com/thehill/export/TheHill/Features/CapitalLiving/072705.html

- So I went out with fellow blogger Toby (not my brother) last Friday. We went to the Guerilla Queer Bar Invasion at lucky bar. Needless to say there was some pokin' and prodin' going on. Fags were in full effect...'specially the narsty ones. We ended the night at the fairground port-o-potty known as Omega. Toby tried to steal some rough neck jigga's beer...Bad Toby, Bad BAD!!!
Methinks he was feeling high after his recent change in sexual proclitivity....SNAPS GURRLL.

- Ok I am off to see 40-year old virgin with my younger (now sexualy active) brother. He uses these brother bonding times to ask me the most random sex questions. My older brother informed me that my younger brother accidently fell asleep / passed out on some skank and ended up peeing on her...Let's just say Cornelius is gonna need a strong Mocha-tini at the local TGI Fridays after this little Dr. Ruth session we are gonna have. Also my younger bro is turning 21 on sept 10th, my roommate and I are going to get him wasted sometime in the upcoming weeks so if you are interested in molesting a fresh 21 year old (girls only) spit some game this way and I'll tell you where to meet us up at.

...Back to You Got Served...Lil' Kim is the bestest actress in the world / jail

Bend and Snap,


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