Wednesday, May 04, 2005

If you love me you'll give me an "A"

- So my lil multi-culti chil'rens, it's that time of the year...FINALS TIMES!!! Unfortunately finals this year for me consist of massive amounts of papers that have to be written and oral examinations that are quite different from the one's I am used to taking in the bathroom of Jr's. I wish it was like high school and you could just give your closeted teachers a pair of your used undies for a passing grade...Le sigh, tis not the case.

- Also this Sunday is Mudder's Day, and you know what they say, "You can't spell Mudder's Day without MURDER". So don't forget to buy that special lady who showed you your first piece of trim (for most of my readers besides Robin, it was also prolly the last) something classy. I went with a dozen pink tulips and a gift set from Kiehls. Nothing like getting my mother something that will be dead in a week and a bunch of creams that try to elimintate the signs of aging to say I HEART YOU. I just wanted to reward her for all of those years of not telling my father that she caught me dancing to her Barry Manilow records with her elbow length opera gloves on.

- Also If you have someone special in your life, who happens to be a big ol homophobe, what better way to melt their hearts then by getting them a GAY PET!!! Go over to and take your pick. They even have a bacterium, and I don't know what says "Dad please put the shot-gun down and come to pride with me and my lover DeTwan" like a virtual gay bacterium.


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