Wednesday, April 06, 2005


- I saw a little girl licking a window on the metro today. Her father just looked at her and then looked away. It took a random lady to pry her kisser away from the oh so tasty glass. The sad thing is that ten years from now Lil' Miss Herpes Mouth aint gonna be able to get any dates because of her trip to our Nation's Capital.

- To the stupid girl in my class: How dare you contradict me, and in front of my peers... I am always right, what comes out of my mouth is regarded as scripture in certain South Pacific Islands. Do you not realize when the teacher always asks my opinion she is trying to have me stimulate your fucking mind? In the future please stab yourself in the face everytime you feel the urge to speak up in class.

P.S. I will not be returning the highlighter I borrowed from you today...SLICE!!!!!


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