Monday, April 04, 2005

Qual es la fetcha de tu cupleanos?

(L to R, Tiffany, Mike, Carter, Nat, Booze)

I am officially 23, NIIICE. Well my burfday was on Saturday night and it was definately one of my top 3. I wish I had taken more than 2 pictures, but hey you can't expect much out of a kid that was tossing back shots (Thanks Nat) starting at 3 in the afternoon. People were all asking me if it feels wierd to be almost 25 hence almost 30...I told them that I can't wait until my ass is 30. My whole theory behind it is that your 20's are like your teens but with more freedom and liquor and your 30's are like your 20's but with more money and furniture that's not from Ikea.

All my friends from UMD, GW and home came to celebrate in grand style with me and I couldn't have been happier if they had brought a drugged up half naked Jonathan Taylor Thomas with them. We drank here for a while and opened presents, lots of Kiehl's and booze, before heading to Nations. I hadn't been there in over a year and now I remember friends found the most cracked out glitter farting guy to come up to me to wish me Happy Birthday (Thanks Guys). Nothing too lascivious happened there since I don't hook up with people outside of the boundary of NW DC, I don't want my shit stolen.

After I had slept off my hangover, my friend Nat from home (she drove 4 hours to come to my party) took me out to Johnny Rockets on M street for a Birthday breakfast at 2 in the afternoon. They sang happy birthday to me while I did my drunken interpretation of the cabbage patch for a tourist family. We ended up stealing all the balloons there and walked home daring kids to take them from us. Here's to another great year filled with academic, personal, emotional and genital related success...


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