Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Few Things...

- My english teacher mentioned something about a person in class starting a blog...I think all my other classmates minus the Fagulous Miss Kia and Carter Glass (suck on my) cock are a lil too dim to figure out how to typey typey on the computer box thing. So to cover my SLICE/CUT tracks...MARILEE LINDEMANN IS THE COOLEST LESBIAN TEACHER EVER IN THE WORLD AND SHE MAKES ME WANT TO READ WALT WHITMAN'S HOMO-EROTIC POETRY ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

- Apparently my boss at work wants me to ride in the pride parade in our bar float. A few things about the float, it's made of leather, I would have to throw lube at people and I would have to wear a mask with a zipper opening for my mouth. Not so much, I'll stick to drunkenly flashing my juji fruits with my friend christie and spraying people with my penis squirt gun.

- I think I want to fuck that kid with the hole in his neck on American Idol. Something about him being all hairless and 14...DURRRTY.

- We got a new pope. I hope the Catholic church kept its receipt. Not only was the new spiritual leader of over 3 million people a nazi youth, he also thought that AIDS prevention is for the birds, and he wants to make all priest celibate (again)...Ummm, weren't they already supposed to be celibate, or do they make allowances for pedophelia? He's Pope-tastic!! SIKE

Sorry about the shitty post, but then again...I own your asses and my research papers own mine.


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