Friday, April 01, 2005

A few Things

- Well tomarrow is the big day, my fucking 23rd b-day party. Bitches and Hoes from around the globe are coming in to watch me get into a hot mess with myself.

1. Make sangria
2. Get balloons.
3. Condoms, Condoms, Condoms.
4. Go into Stepford Wife mode.
5. Practice suprise face in mirror.

- Apparently some people thought my Pope post was a lil harsh. I apologize, it wasn't him who hated jewish people, my bad. But he still hates fags so he can suck it clean. Anyone who is exaulted as an icon of peace and tolerance should not label certain minority groups "Evil".


p.s. I am gonna have to ride on the steel transportation penis (metro) from the fucking Hallmark near L'Enfant Plaza to my place with a gay ass bunch of balloons, I will not get jumped, I will not get jumped, I will not get jumped...


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