Friday, April 22, 2005

ANIMAL WATCH...The Country Edition

Sorry I missed posting yesterday my bitches, but I had to write a paper that basically if it was a man would be charged with rape the way it fucked me against my will, repeatedly....


Actual Animal Watch from the Washington Post, April 21st edition

Opossum Falls Into Kitchen ALLISON ST. NW, 500 block, April 6. An opossum fell into a kitchen through a hole in the ceiling and crawled under a stove. An animal control officer removed it and released it to the wild.

A Few Things...

- Apparently BoDean left the roadkill he's been fixin' to eat curing on the roof...let this be a lesson to you aspiring republicans, according to Soldier of Fortune magazine, "Meat is best cured in an cool, dry, airtight room so liberal environmentalists won't be able to pilfer your squirrel and feral cat sausage.

- Was Brandi-Ann mad at the animal control officers because they wouldn't let her keep the "Tasty Vittles"? The world may never know...

- Why was there a hole in the roof in the first place? I thought trailers were made of rust proof metal. They need to get their asses to Home Depot before someone gets lead poisoning and attempts to mate outside the family.

Seacrest Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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