Thursday, April 07, 2005

Animal Watch...da remixxx

It's Thursday, and you know what that means...ANIMAL WATCH!!!!

It amazes me the multitude of fucking retards that live in this lovely city. I'm surprised this bitch even knew how to use a phone...

Actual ANIMAL WATCH on April 7, in The Washington Post...

U STREET NW, 1-100 block, March 26. A very upset caller told animal control that she could see a baby bear sitting on a nearby roof. Responding officers determined that she was actually looking at an oddly shaped satellite dish, which they agreed was mistaken for the baby bear.

Ummm bitches??? Satellite dishes are hard, plastic and hence their name, LOOK LIKE A MUTHA FUCKING DISH. Baby bears look like momma bears but only smaller (fur, teeth, porridge). And what the fuck did she think a baby bear was doing on a fucking roof, tanning or some shit? Unless this lady grew up in a magic country where every tied baby bears to their roofs for good luck or better TV reception, she will be CUT SLICED!!!

P.S. I start my first day of work tonight...wish me luck.


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