Thursday, March 31, 2005

One last thing

I almost forgot, while on the metro today there was this sweet tourist family that I gave up my seat for. It was a mother, father and three sons, kinda reminded me of my family but without knife fights and plump black nanny in tow. So I had my earbuds in but music off as I usually do so I can listen to people's crazy talk. The youngest boy started pole dancing a la Showgirls while singing what I could discern was a christian rock song. He just kept spinning round and round (oddly enough to the cheers of his FBI fannypack wearing parents) while repeating "God is watching me 'cause I look to him". I couldn't help but laugh at the lil Liz Berkley in training. I choo choo choose public transportation. His performance was abrubtly ended when his brother punched him in his stomach... Sigh, I miss my family.

Speaking of family, while perusing craigslist I came across this...My mother would CUT SLICE me if I made her do this...

Cheers bitches


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you gave up a seat for a family? stop trying to play it off like you can squeeze your fat-ass into a metro seat. i'd lay off the metro and try jogging around the city. those cottage cheese thighs are not workin' it anymore at cobalt, fag.


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