Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ding Dong the Pope is (quazi) dead.

What famous pontiff is next to die...HMMMMM lemme think, POPE JOHN PAUL?????

I have no pity for the bitch, yes I said bitch, he is a homophobe and anti-semetic. What a great representation of peace. Ironically he stated that "Any transgression against a person is a transgression against god, for god is the ultimate author of all people". Does that cover the queer community, hate crimes and gender descrimination JP?

I hope the that that italian fags ransack your palace and steal all your fierce hats (Marcello, I want one to match my sky blue eyes, thnx).

The only John Paul that I trust is John Paul Gautier.

p.s. whoever is posting anonymous...I want to hump you and your father.


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